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Put the lights on the tree! [19 Dec 2006|08:23pm]

I feel so un-festive. It's the holiday season, and my house is not decorated at all. The inside of my house is nice and ready for Christmastime, thanks to me. We got a big, real Christmas tree a few weeks ago. My stepsisters(3 and 6) did it up nice, while I helped them out. It was great fun. The thing that I hate the most about living in the South is the severe lack of cold. Usually I hate harsh weather of any kind, but it's the holiday season and it doesn't feel right for it to be so warm outside. 

Anyway, here are some Christmas songs for you: 

Big Maybelle - Silent Night

Sufjan Stevens - Get Behind Me, Santa!


I love John Safran so much. [15 Dec 2006|04:34pm]

Amen to that!


They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn't. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality. [11 Dec 2006|11:34am]
Recently bought:

Kerouac: Selected Letters: Volume 1 1940-1956 -
Jack Kerouac
Kerouac: Selected Letters: Volume 2: 1957-1969 - Jack Kerouac(of course!)
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues - Tom Robbins
Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
Trout Fishing in America - Richard Brautigan
A brand new address book
A Jean-Michel Basquiat 2007 calender
The Supreme Florence Ballard: 18 Essential Original Recordings - Florence Ballard

These are Christmas gifts from me, to me. I bought things for other people too.

And last night I finally saw PBS's documentary on Frida Kahlo. Overall it was excellent; they really left nothing out. It's amazing to me how someone so talented and vivacious, could go so unnoticed during their lifetime. Sure, she was known as the wife of Diego Rivera(he was the most famous Mexican painter), but nothing more. She painted because she loved to paint. It was the way she let her emotions out. Her goal was not to be famous, but to represent herself. That's what makes an artist.

She was the kind of person who dressed up as a man for a family portrait. The kind of woman who drank, smoked, partied, all in style. She was an open bisexual! Something
completely baffling and taboo in 20th century Mexico. A true original.

I haven't seen the movie Frida, though. Still undecided.

I find her beauty refreshing, by the way.


[11 Nov 2006|10:54pm]
Syd Barrett's death really saddened me. Not because he died,  but because he seemed nonexistent since 1974. Syd never got the chance to really shine.

I'm not a Pink Floyd fan. I'm a Syd Barrett fan. The only Pink Floyd album I like is The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. His solo stuff is really amazing, and terribly underrated. It's a real shame that such a great talent was destroyed by drugs and mental illness. He needs to be remembered in a grander way. Without him, people wouldn't have their beloved Pink Floyd!

And to delight your ears, one of my favorite Syd songs. 

Here I Go - Syd Barrett


Idiot Wind. [09 Nov 2006|04:01pm]

I'm really in a fix right now, concerning books. There just isn't anything new for me to read! Same goes for movies. 

Can anyone recommend anything? 

I'm so glad it's stopped raining. Yesterday I went out to ride my bike, but it was just too murky. I can handle a little bit of rain, but these past few days it has just been too much. 

For Christmas, I need to get a new guitar (That sounds so selfish!), but the one I want, I really can't afford. It's this one, but it's over 2, 500 dollars! I'll probably just get a Takamine guitar, because those usually less than 500 dollars,  and are of high quality. 

Or I could just get a ukulele, but I really don't know enough about those to make an educated decision. 



If I can't dance, it's not my revolution! [07 Nov 2006|08:33pm]

If I could have a conversation with any dead person, it would be Emma Goldman. The woman was seriously 8,000 years ahead of her time. A few years ago I read her essay on anarchism, and it really opened up my eyes. I wouldn't say I'm a anarchist, but it definitely made me reconsider a lot of things. She was just the kind of person who spoke her mind in a clear, emotional way, which makes her one of the greatest orators of all time in my book. She was just a very dynamic character; the kind of character the world needs more of.  

"Before we can forgive one another, we have to understand one another." 

It is so rainy today! I wanted to go the get some coffee and then go to the cemetary, but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow.


[07 Nov 2006|03:25am]
Writing essays really will kill me one day. They really will. 
 But in good news...

One of my favorite singers, Karen Dalton, is getting one of her albums reissued! She was a singer in New York around the same time as Bob Dylan, and I think she could of been as big as him, but she had some pretty major drug problems, which inevitably caused her downfall. She passed away in 1993. The album's name is In My Own Time, and I'm guessing it's pretty amazing. 

So for your listening pleasure, I've uploaded a song off her It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going to Love You the Best album. Some people find her voice a little hard on the ears, but I think it's beautiful and expressive. 

Little Bit of Rain


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